Lynda Briggs Paintings
vibrant * intuitive * expressions



"My paintings are born from a place of free spirit, celebrating vitality and uniqueness.  Trusting my instincts, I embrace a path of exploration and self-discovery.  My work is a soulful translation, often beginning with no preconceived ideas.  It is a spontaneous process of applying layers with mark-making, pours, splatters, drips, sprays, finger painting, etc.  This is an exhilarating and messy kind of playtime, where I find a new world of color, form and composition- opening a channel of pure expression and possibility. A crucial part of my process is about letting go of things that aren’t working, exploring the things that are and moving forward with a solid but flexible plan.  Much like life, there is an unfolding of opportunity, joy, chaos, and beauty that comes from within."





In high school Lynda received a Congressional Art Award from the state of Michigan and went on to obtain her BA in Fine Art in 1989 from Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. Shortly after, she married, started a family, and played an active role in parenting. Devoting her life to her children, Lynda focused her artistic energies towards volunteering her creative skills to school age children, exposing them to the joys of visual art. As her kids have grown, so have Lynda’s artistic endeavors. She has had the opportunity to work with artists from around the globe and has been showcased in numerous venues.
Currently, Lynda resides in Pleasanton, California and is a member of Pleasanton Art League and Livermore Art Association. Her paintings can be found in government offices, businesses and private collections throughout California, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio and Oregon.